Monday, 8 April 2013

Visitors Flow in Google Analytics - Analyze visitors flow graph

Visitors flow is very important option in Google Analytics. Google Analytics visitors flow graph helps you to know about your website traffic status. It shows how visitors enter your website and how they navigate your website. It is a graphical representation of visitors path from entrance to exit. I-t is important to have Google analytics account to see visitors flow graph of your website. If you don't have analytics account first setup Google analytics account and then login. You can find visitors flow option in traffic source. You can find it as:

Traffic source  >>> Social >>> Visitors Flow

Visitors flow and In page analytics are very essential options for designing a new website. It provides you a clear picture of your website traffic status. 

Here is an excellent example of visitors flow in Google Analytics. See this below image to understand how visitors enter in the site and how they drof off. When a visitor left the website after visiting a page it is considered as drof off. 

Google Analyics Visitors Flow
Visitors Flow

You can understand visitors flow in Google Analytics by having a look on the above image. In this image there are 2 things Node and connection. Node represents column and connection represents path of visitors from one node to another. 

The first node or column represents that how many visitors go to your website from different countries. It is showing as 82 from India, 13 from United States etc. The total number of visitors entered your website are 115. From starting pages 79 visitors drof offs from total number of visitors. Now there are only 36 visitors went to first interaction page from entrance page. Now at this stage you can see that 14 visitors drof offs from first interaction page. Now there are only 22 visitors went to second interaction page from first interaction page. At this stage 8 visitors left the page and 14 visitors went to third interaction page. 

Now, I think you are able to understand and analyze Google Analytics visitors flow graph of your website. 

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