Thursday, 28 March 2013

Responsive Web Design SEO Benefits : 2013 year of RWD

Responsive web design has become very popular for website designers community. It is a web design approach aimed to provide good user experience by easily reading and navigation. Responsive web design websites have great technologies to automatically respond to user's preferences. When a user went from their laptop to mobile phones or iPad, then you can see that the website will automatically adjust in mobile phones according to size of image, and resolution. 

Every businessman wants to develop a mobile version of their websites. So it is  impractical and impossible to create a website version for each and every resolution and for new devices.

You can see responsive web designed website in action. You need to open the website on desktop and make browser wider and thinner. You can see the effects that the website automatically adjust images and content.

Responsive web design SEO benefits
Responsive web design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) key features:

There are various key features of Responsive web design as following:

1) A site designed with responsive web design (RWD) uses CSS3 media queries. It allows pages to use different CSS style rules.

2) A flexible grid-based layou.

3) Flexible images and media.

SEO Benefits of Responsive web design:

There are various SEO benefits of responsive web designed websites. It include:

1) RWD provides better site performance for small screens, mobile users, tablets etc.

2) It will help you in decreasing bounce rate.

3) Every site needs backlinks for getting search engine traffic. If you have different sites for different resources like mobiles, desktop etc. then you need to create backlinks for each website for getting search engine traffic. Instead of this you could develop a RWD designed website for every screen resolution either small or large. It means you can create a set of links for one responsive website.