Monday, 4 February 2013

Google Analytics for Beginners: Setup Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is really interesting Tool for beginners webmaster. It is an excellent service provided by Google for webmasters which can generate complete information to analyze website's traffic. Analytics contains both free and premium services for webmasters. If your website generates less or 10 million hits per month, Then Google analytics is free of cost. And, If your website generates more than 10 million hits per month, then analytics offers increased limits as according to Google Analytics premium services. 

Google Analytics Tool is very useful for webmasters, executives, marketing professionals, content and developers etc. They can do various thing with Analytics as following:

1) You can analyze total traffic to your website including how many and how often users are visiting to your site or blog.

2) You can see your most popular posts which contains high traffic.

3) You can analyze search terms by which users found your site or blog.

4) You can track your visitors where they are coming from to your site.

5) Analyze your site visitors from search engines, social networks, referring sites, RSS Feeds, direct visits links within PDF etc.

6) Check statistics of digital marketing including advertising, e-mail marketing, pay-per-click(PPC) etc.

7) Integrate data with Google products like Google AdWords etc.

How to Add Google Analytics to your site or blog:

It is easy to setup Google Analytics account for your website or blog. You need to do various things as following:

·         Visit Google Analytics and login with your Google account. If you don't have a Google account first create this one.

·         Create an account for Google Analytics if you are a new user, Otherwise click "Admin" at the upper right of page, Then click "+New Account".

·         Now you will reach on other page and enter website name or blog.
·         Choose "http://" from drop down menu and enter the URL of your website or blog.

·         Select your industry category from drop down menu.

·         Now set your country and time zone.

·         Now you need to set your data sharing settings and click on "Get Tracking ID" and reach to next page where you will get Google Analytics Tracking Code like NFABQDPV52Z7.

·         Copy the tracking code and paste this script on your website or blog in <head> section.

·         Click "Save" in Google Analytics.

Now you have completed your analytics account and are able to access your account and analyze all traffic to your site or blog.

How Google Analytics Work:

Google analytics simply work by its Google Analytics Tracking Code(GATC) ID. It is a java script code which website owner adds to their site or blog. This GATC code simply runs in the client browser when client browses the page, It collects visitors data and send it to Google data collection server.