Friday, 8 March 2013

SEO Infographics, How to create infographics for SEO

SEO infographics are easy to create. Inforgraphics are visual or image representation of information. It covers lots of ground and uses instead of writing a blog or article. Infographics do not have more SEO value but have some benefits because search engines cannot read images, but useful for your targeted audiences. It is important for SEO service providers to create inforgraphics of websites or web pages. They can have some advantages for their websites by creating infographics. As an SEO campaign, if your infographics are good or attractive then it will be shared and build your link portfolio.

Creating infographics for SEO campaign
Infographic about Infographics

How to create infographics for SEO campaign:

It is easy to create inforgraphics for SEO campaign. There are various online tools available where you can create an attractive or effective infographics. Here is the list of online tools to create infographics for SEO campaign. It contains following as:

1) Piktochart   



5) Tableau     

6) OmniGraffle  

7) Balsamiq    


Benefits of creating Infographics as an SEO campaign:

There are various benefits of creating infographics for SEO campaign. The benefits are as following:

1) Infographics are useful for showing user friendly information. Images which contain information are popular for bloggers. Search engines quickly collect well designed infographics across industries.

2) Image search is also big search on web. SEO services providers can use inforgraphics for getting their website images in image searches. It will help you in getting traffic from image search.

3) Page load time is great factor for search engine rankings. Infographics will decrease your page load time. Normally people wants information quickly. It will also decrease your bounce rate. 

4) Infographics are easy and interesting to read for users than blogs and articles.

5) Infographics are also link bait. Link bait is web content which is created to attract attention of users and is enough for users to pass or share on other social media websites. It will help you in getting lots of inbound links back to your site as more people share your infographics.