Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Google Webmaster Tools Showing Less Links To Your Site

Guys! Is there anybody who lost the amount of links data in Webmaster Tools? Over the last few hours, There have been various reports on the number of links being reported in the "Links to your site" section in Google webmaster tools. Google Webmaster tools have dropped 75% links to your site for some webmasters and showing less links to your site in webmaster tools. It is looking like Google's dumped your link profile from the latest link report in Google webmaster tool. It happened after Google PR update.  

See Less amount of links to your site
Dropped amount of links data

What things webmasters should check after dropping links:


There are few things webmasters should check after getting less links to site. The things are as following:

1) Webmasters should check the excluded links are Nofollow or not.
2) Are removed links disavowed?
3) Are the links excluded by Webmaster tools ignored by Google?
4) Webmasters should also check the domains of removed links. Are the removed links from same domain? 

Effects could be occurred by showing less links in webmaster tool: 


Webmasters should not worry about it. It would not negatively affect your website rankings as well as site's crawling, indexing in SERP's. Google is only limiting the number of links to your site to increase quality links.