Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to apply Google Rich Snippets to search results

Google rich snippets are normally designed to provide external information to users or searchers about the page. Users can easily get detailed product information and could understand what the page is about in SERP’s.  Rich Snippets are few lines of text which become visible under search results. You can describe the content of your page in an easy way by taking the advantages of Rich Snippets. It is very useful for SEO service providers. They could offer various benefits to their businesses by using snippets. The benefits you would have by Rich Snippets include:

1)      You can pay attention of users to your relevant search results.

2)      You could provide external information about your product instantly.

3)      SEO services provider can have benefits for their blogs. They can increase click through rates and less the bounce rate of their blogs and websites.

4)      Snippets are also useful in getting search engine rankings for blogs and websites. You can alert search engines about the relevancy of your content.

Google Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets in Search Results

How to apply Google Rich Snippets:

It is easy to apply Google Rich Snippets to your blog and website. There are three steps you can use to apply rich snippets.  

1) Choose a markup format: 

There are three formats which are acceptable by Google for Rich Snippets. You should have basic knowledge oh HTML for using this format. The formats are as:

·        Microdata
·        Microformats
·        RDFa

Google recommends to use microdata format.

2) Markup your content for Rich Snippets:

Markup the content for users is very important thing to apply rich snippets. You can markup various content types including People, Reviews, Products, Recipes, Businesses and Organizations, Events and music etc. Google supports all these types of markup content for rich snippets. You can easily understand how to markup your content by following example as:

·        If your site is about songs and you provide song lyrics, It is important for you to make sure that the reviews are about the quality of lyrics and not about the quality of song itself.

3) Test your markup by tool:

Now it is the time to test your marked up content with correct HTML coding. You can use Google Rich Snippets testing tool for testing your marked up content. You could become sure that Google would properly read your Marked up data and show it in the search results. You can find the source here as: 

Now you have completed and Google will discover your markup when it will next crawl your website or web page and show rich snippets in search engine results. You need to patience because Google can take several days or weeks to crawl and read your markups.